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Otha Hicks (The Ride America Experience) -

“Ride America surpassed any expectations I had. They worked as hard as they could to make things the best for all the people involved. They surpassed all expectations. I loved the fact that it’s family involved, that everybody is involved, that everybody cares and that everybody was trying to do the best they could for the people on the tour. It was fantastic!”

Joel & Brenda Meeks (Lifetime Friends) -

“It was an excellent experience for me. I loved it. It was awesome as far as our bike being brought to Denver because we both still work. The convenience of not having to take extra vacations days from our jobs was awesome. I will do another trip. We’re taking about the New England tour. It was an amazing experience that everyone should try if they love riding their bike, they love sightseeing, they love the country and they love a family atmosphere. We came in not knowing anyone, we are leaving as family, liftetime friends.”

Judy & Jeff Johnson -

What a great time with old friends and new ones on the Colorado trip. Ride America really did their homework planning and organizing everything from hotels, gas stops, and scenic routes. Already planning our next trip in 2019!

Bill Van Zile -

This is a great company with honest people running it. It's a great way to move your bike to the areas you want to ride if you don't have time to count the cornstalks through the Midwest, Missouri, and Kansas. My wife and I didn't have that kind of vacation time, but we wanted to ride the rockies. We had a fantastic time! We got back 2 weeks ago and are already planning our next trip with them.

Scott Walrond -

We went on the Colorado tour in August/Sept and had a fabulous time. The Carvers went above and beyond to make sure everyone had the best trip possible. Always accommodating and ready to listen to each and every one of us. We will be going with them again on a trip next year!!

Rick Regan -

Just got back from Wyoming Tour, had a GREAT TIME. Chris went "the extra mile" to insure everyone had a great time and were updated on where we were going and what we were doing. I would Highly Recomend tours with Ride America

Reviews & Testimonials