Videos & Testimonials

Otha Hicks (The Ride America Experience) -

“Ride America surpassed any expectations I had. They worked as hard as they could to make things the best for all the people involved. They surpassed all expectations. I loved the fact that it’s family involved, that everybody is involved, that everybody cares and that everybody was trying to do the best they could for the people on the tour. It was fantastic!”

Joel & Brenda Meeks (Lifetime Friends) -

“It was an excellent experience for me. I loved it. It was awesome as far as our bike being brought to Denver because we both still work. The convenience of not having to take extra vacations days from our jobs was awesome. I will do another trip. We’re taking about the New England tour. It was an amazing experience that everyone should try if they love riding their bike, they love sightseeing, they love the country and they love a family atmosphere. We came in not knowing anyone, we are leaving as family, liftetime friends.”

Debbie Tadlock - Colorado

We did the Colorado 2022 tour. Loved it. Great riding, great new friendships and the tour was outstanding! This is our 2nd tour with Ride America, and we are positive we'll be going on another one. Thank you, Ride America! See you soon.

Randy Slater - Colorado

I recently participated in the July 2022 Colorado/Utah tour with Ride America, and it was outstanding. We had great weather, good comradery, and excellent roads to ride with beautiful vistas. My only wish is that the ride could have lasted longer. The Ride America Team took care of everything, and their transport of our bikes to Denver and back couldn't have been handled better. I would very much recommend anyone considering a tour with Ride America give them serious consideration.

Jeff & Jane Rohlf - Colorado

We loved our Ride America vacation. We rode 7 days for 1800 miles in the most scenic places Colorado has to offer. All our wants and needs were answered by Ride America. We were able to purely enjoy it all, and oh did we enjoy it all! Mountain vistas, glacier lakes, really big elk, picturesque valleys, National Parks, novel attractions and so much more. Our fellow travels were terrific fun. This was our second Ride America vacation. We look forward to our next Ride America vacation.

Mark McPherson - Colorado

Challenging, awe-inspiring, breath-taking and sometimes difficult and frustrating are all words that come to mind as I reflect on this tour. But that is exactly what makes is so great. This type of vacation is something that has a lasting impact on the rest of your life. I highly recommend it. Not your normal vacation.....much better!!!!

Bren Jackson - New England

I highly, higly recommend taking a trip with Ridea America Tours! They not only have a a great tour guide who is a wonderful person. The scenery we were led through in New England was breathtaking. I gathered so many memories and to top it off met a bunch of great people. I will definitely be scheduling another trip soon!

Marcia Hughes - Wyoming

I can vouch for this. We had an amazing trip and made some wonderful friends on the trip last June. Richard and his son Chris are two of the best people ever which made the trip spectacular. We are looking into another adventure with Ride America.

Ed Fowler - New England

I am not even sure where to start. This was an AMZING trip! Everything was planned for you, all you have to do is show up, ride your motorcycle, and enjoy the trip. I went on the New England trip last year and it was AWESOME! 99% of the roads we were on were nice country back roads. Seeing the countryside from your bike is like nothing else. They have an amazing route that they have put together to include excellent lunch stops each day and a nice hotel at night. I have made some friends that will last a lifetime. We are already planning on doing the Wyoming trip with them this coming year. If you have ever wanted to do a trip like this make sure to go with Ride America Tours, you won’t be disappointed! Safe riding and hopefully I will meet you on one of their trips.

Kim Long - Wyoming

The 2021 Wyoming trip was unforgettable!! I made lifetime friends and visited places I've never seen, like the Tetons and Yellowstone. Chris is extremely competent and professional as a group leader. The whole operation is flawlessly run, from the loading / transport/ unloading of the bikes to the route planning and hotel accommodations. I plan to do the Colorado trip in 2022....there's no bigger endorsement than booking a second trip!!

David Willem - Wyoming

What a trip we had to the Northeast part of our country. From the safety to loading our bikes to making sure we were all safe everyday. It was great. Even with the weather we had during our ride the friendships that were made were outstanding. Would recommend this trip for anyone that wants to see fall colors of the this part of our wonderful country. Looking forward to booking another trip with Ride America in the future.

Teresa Hines - Wyoming

Best experience ever!! Absolutely loved riding and doing this with my amazing husband!! Everything was breathtaking and would do this again in a heartbeat!!! Great guide, great friends and great everything!!!.

Brett Wagner - Wyoming

Great Trip! That was the fourth time in my life I have been to the parks in Wyoming. It was a totally different and amazing from the motorcycle. The experience of seeing the Tetons, the points of interest in Yellowstone, then the breathtaking ride up Beartooth Pass – I will never forget it. Thanks for handling all the details and having a proven schedule to maximize the experience. I will be signing up the Colorado Tour next year.

Ron Tadlock - Wyoming

This was a great trip, did not want to come home. This is the only way to do an 8-day trip when you live so far away. Chris with Ride America Tours did a great job, and all the people in our group were so great. If you are looking at going out there and you say I do not know anyone, you will be family in no time. I hope to ride again with my new family.

Debbie Tadlock - Wyoming

Best Tour ever!! Great new friends, great tour and looking forward to another one. Thank you, Chris and Ride America Tours.

Brian Helms - Wyoming

My wife and I just got back from the August 2021 Wyoming Tour, and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Chris led us and a group of our new friends on an adventure of a lifetime! We logged over 1,400 miles of some of the most beautiful areas we had ever seen! I would highly recommend Ride America to anyone.

Peter Nishan - Wyoming

I have taken many trips all over the States – one of the best thanks Chris. Met some really awesome people as well and the fact that most were North Carolina means new riding buddies which is priceless in my mind. Shout out to Warren the truck driver for getting “Ruby” and the rest of the bikes there and back safely.

Bob Steward - New England

My wife and I just returned from the New England trip. Even though we had days that included rain, the scenery was beautiful. Ride America makes it very easy to schedule your adventure and their desire to make your ride a once in a life time adventure is genuine. They take your feedback to continue to make each trip better than the last. We met some great people on our ride and made lots of great memories!

Mike Idol, Sr - Wyoming

When given an opportunity to be a part of something that is so awesome you have to step back and take a deep breath and go wow. This was a once in a lifetime experience and for me it is just way too amazing to describe. I am sure that my conversations for quite some time will start with "you won't believe". The experience of seeing some of the most beautiful landscape in America was breath taking, but to do it with a group of people who came together to share these moments like we were longtime friends was amazing. To all my Ride America friends I will be honored to ride with you guys and gals anywhere and anytime. It was an honor and privilege for me. Thank you Ride America.

Thomas Hughes - Wyoming

Took us to some beautiful destinations, very friendly and helpful group. Had routes planned that allowed maximum sightseeing with minimal traffic congestion through a very busy national park. Friendly to all makes of bikes which were loaded and shipped safely. Also we have met a lot of great new friends. Thanks ride America.

Kelli Eaton - Wyoming

Had a great time using our Honda Goldwing on the June 2021 Ride America tour in Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP! They trailered the bikes to Jackson, WY and the adventure began! Also went to Cody, WY, Beartooth Highway, Red Lodge, MT And Gardiner, MT. Saw tons of wildlife, geysers, thermal pools and loved the scenery. You can’t go wrong using Ride America! This was our 2nd tour with them!!

Chris & Debbie Jolly -Wyoming

This was our first trip ever hauling my bike anywhere. Chris and the entire Ride America team did and excellent job from the time we dropped our bikes off, communicating about the trip, handling lodging to leading our group on our daily excursions. The sights and locations in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho were simply amazing. Pictures and discussions will never be able to describe the good times we experienced. The group that rode on this trip were amazing and biker friends I hope to remain in touch with. I appreciate the experience and the opportunity. Even upon returning after picking up my bike in Statesville, Ride America team ask if all was okay with the bike, no issues etc. Thanks for a great trip. If your looking for a way to have minimal time away from work and enjoy a great trip to ride I recommend Ride America team to you.

Ron Stowe - Wyoming

What an amazing trip this was! Finally, after being home for over a week, I think I am finished sorting through the tons of pictures and videos, so am sharing a few more of my favorites. Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho were simply magnificent. I have heard this area described as a "rolling postcard," and having now seen it, I can't agree more. In eleven days, we rode roughly 1,350 miles on our motorcycles, 4,200 miles in a plane, and another 200 or so in a shuttle bus to/from the airport - with postcard views everywhere along the way. We saw rivers and lakes galore; elk, bear, bison, mountain goats, and antelope; Old Faithful; mountains and canyons; mud volcanoes; and much, much more. We rode across Bear Tooth Highway (twice) which runs between Montana and Wyoming, where we saw snow still piled along the road, and the altimeter on the bike stopped reading feet and read "2.0 miles!" and the Teton Pass, through the Teton Mountains between Idaho and Wyoming. What a special time this was, with a fantastic group of people, and hats off to Ride America Tours for making this possible.

Marcia Hughes - Wyoming

What a great group of people. Loved meeting each and every one. Truly an amazing trip through beautiful country. Highly recommend doing this ride with Ride America!

Rick Regan - Wyoming

Just got back from Wyoming Tour, had a GREAT TIME. Chris went "the extra mile" to insure everyone had a great time and were updated on where we were going and what we were doing. I would Highly Recomend tours with Ride America

Judy & Jeff Johnson - Colorado

What a great time with old friends and new ones on the Colorado trip. Ride America really did their homework planning and organizing everything from hotels, gas stops, and scenic routes. Already planning our next trip!

Bill Van Zile - Colorado

This is a great company with honest people running it. It's a great way to move your bike to the areas you want to ride if you don't have time to count the cornstalks through the Midwest, Missouri, and Kansas. My wife and I didn't have that kind of vacation time, but we wanted to ride the rockies. We had a fantastic time! We got back 2 weeks ago and are already planning our next trip with them.

Scott Walrond - Colorado

We went on the Colorado tour in August/Sept and had a fabulous time. The Carvers went above and beyond to make sure everyone had the best trip possible. Always accommodating and ready to listen to each and every one of us. We will be going with them again on a trip next year!!